Our Organisation

The Company

Founded on ancient philosophy, modern science, and the technology of the future

The Level39 member fintech Thalesians Ltd are an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) company, founded on ancient philosophy, modern science, and the technology of the future.

We believe that we can create a healthier, more sustainable human environment by applying the lessons we are learning from building some of the world’s most successful high- and medium-frequency trading systems to a wider range of data sets.

We specialise in dealing with time series data – by far the most challenging application of ML/AI.

Time series are sequences of timestamped updates, arriving in chronological order, on the state of a particular process evolving over time.

Time series data may arrive asynchronously from different sources requiring high-throughput, low-latency processing, often on the scale of nanoseconds. Individual time series may have low signal-to-noise ratios, but when taken together and processed intelligently, time series yield valuable insights.

Time series arise naturally in finance (stock prices, corporate bond prices/yields, interest rates, currency exchange rates, cryptocurrency exchange rates), economics (micro- and macroeconomic data), engineering (states of a particular machine or mechanism, e.g. systems operating on a ship, airplane, or on a space station), medicine (electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) test results, any medical test results evolving over time, fitband readings, at the microscopic level, metabolic chain states).

We create the new science – built on the foundation of quantitative finance, algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading and markets microstructure, ML, deep learning (DL), deep reinforcement learning (DRL), AI, reactive programming, and big data – neocybernetics, and use it to revolutionise finance, economics, insurance, tranportation, shipping, engineering, and medicine in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

We do this by implementing real-time ML/AI software for neocybernetic systems, providing education, and consulting services.

The Community

The Thalesians are a bridge between the scientific and technological communities around the world

The Thalesians have hosted more than 250 seminars and workshops around the globe. Through the efforts of Attila Agod, Saeed Amen, Paul Bilokon, Matthew Dixon, Swati Mital, Pavel Motuzenko, Jan Novotny, Joerg Osterieder, Jochen Papenbrock, Hans-Peter Schrei, Peter Schwender, Harvey Stein, Richard Warnung, Adrian Zymolka and others, the Community has reached a truly global scale, counting over 3,000 members in Budapest, Franfurt, Lisbon, London, New York, Paris, and Prague.

The Thalesians’ seminar speakers have included some of the most famous names in machine learning, electronic trading, quantitative finance, and mode broadly, mathematics, computer science, engineering, finance, economics, and psychology.

Sophie Bismuth explaining quantum computing at a Thalesian seminar at City University Club in the City of London