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CBA Finance AG

We’re living in the most interesting time of humanity: We learned to communicate world-wide using the Internet. Now we’re approaching the next evolutionary step: Digitising trade.

The first two fully digital currencies currently have a market capitalisation of over $100 billion and $20 billion, respectively. In terms of the global economy, this is small – in the region of 0.1%. So this is only the beginning.

CBA Finance AG set itself the goal to develop software, systems and tools to participate in this budding new market, in order to help building the new, all-digital financial world.

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Since the company’s inception, Kx‘s singular goal has been to provide its customers with the fastest, most efficient, and most flexible tools for processing real-time and historical data. This focus has enabled us to become the worldwide leader of in-memory time-series databases.

WBS Training Ltd

WBS Training Ltd (World Business Strategies) organises workshops and conferences for the capital markets and treasury divisions of investment companies worldwide, with all our efforts centered solely on the education of our clients. WBS Training does not operate to present dozens of events every year. Instead we select only the most innovative, pertinent and dynamic subjects, thus bridging the gap between the latest theoretical developments through to proven practical trading floor requirements. Therefore, we aim to ensure that such requirements can be effectively implemented in the real financial world.

Machine Learning Institute

The Machine Learning Institute Certificate is a comprehensive six-month part-time course, with weekly live lectures in London or globally online. The MLI is comprised of 2 levels, 6 modules, 24 lecture weeks, lab assignments, a practical final project and a final sit down examination using our global network of examination centres.

This course has been designed to empower individuals who work in or are seeking a career in machine learning in finance. Throughout our unique MLI programme, candidates work with hands-on assignments designed to illustrate the algorithms studied and to experience first-hand the practical challenges involved in the design and successful implementation of machine learning models. The MLI is a career-enhancing professional qualification, that can be taken worldwide.


Cuemacro is a company focused on understanding macro markets from a quantitative perspective, in particular currency markets. Our goal is understand how data can be used to deepen understanding of macro markets. We use both existing and innovative data sources, to create systematic trading strategies and data indices.


BRODA Ltd is a software development and consultancy company specialising in applications of Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo methods in finance and other industries. BRODA’s main product is the high-dimensional Sobol sequences generators. SobolSeq generators have become an industry standard in finance since their launch jointly with Prof. Ilya Meyerovich Sobol’ almost 20 years ago. BRODA’s customers are market leaders in their fields ­from top investment banks and hedge funds to insurance companies and scientific research institutions.


At the core of all Unifi.id solutions is digital engagement through our smart card long-range card detection, data interrogation and communication protocols. In the emerging IoT space Unifi.id are unique in that we deliver systems that remove all barriers to inclusion and engagement. Our focus is on seamless integration, delivered through non-intrusive systems that deliver greater digital detection and improved automated responses.

Our cutting edge RF platforms have been developed to enable rapid deployment, real-time analysis and a large variety of communication options. Whether focused on security, hospitality, university engagement, enhanced bank cards, membership clubs or fire evacuation systems, our patented three step solutions based around detection of our Smart Unifi.id ID cards delivers a level of insight that transforms efficiencies and enhances customer and employee engagement.